Meet the Hosts

2 People with epilepsy ‚óŹ 2 Neurologists


Rosie is a 22-year-old from Melbourne who was first diagnosed with epilepsy at 12 years of age after experiencing absence seizures. Despite the ups and downs she has faced, Rosie is in the final year of her university studies, pursuing a degree in media and communications.


James is a 22-year-old from Sydney who was first diagnosed with epilepsy at 18 years of age after experiencing a focal seizure while driving. James navigated his way through his diagnosis, is now back on track with his driver’s license and keeps himself busy with work and study.

Professor Ingrid Scheffer

Laureate Professor Ingrid Scheffer is a doctor, author, and multi-award winner who is a leader in the field of epilepsy. Ingrid’s work as an epilepsy neurologist seeing children and adults and as a clinician-scientist, has resulted in major advances in epilepsy care. Laurate Professor Scheffer is the Director of Paediatrics at Austin Health and Director of the Austin Children’s Epilepsy Program.

Dr Kaitlyn Parratt

Dr Kaitlyn Parratt is a neurologist specialising in helping patients with epilepsy thrive. Dr Parratt has a special interest in caring for young people and women with epilepsy, along with the psychological aspects of epilepsy care. Dr Parratt is a staff specialist and member of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Service at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and is the current Vice President of the Epilepsy Society of Australia.