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Episode 1: No More Cotton Wool

Becoming an adult changes things. Fast! Moving from children’s health care services is just one of the challenges that we need to learn to navigate.   

Join Rosie and Prof Ingrid talking about the move from child to adult health care services and learn about ways to make the experience less stressful.

Episode 2: Healthy Mind, Happy Life

As a person growing up with epilepsy, we are faced with challenges that others aren’t and It’s important to prioritise our mental wellbeing.

Sharing is caring. Rosie and Prof Ingrid share some advice around managing your mental health, based on their experience.

Episode 3: Risky Business

While there are some things we need to be careful of when having a night out with our mates, epilepsy shouldn’t stop us from having an awesome social life!

Balancing social life and epilepsy safely is really important. Learn as James and Dr Kaitlyn chat about this topic.

Episode 4: Bring Home the Bacon

At what point in a job interview do you say “Oh, by the way…”? Getting a job as a young adult with epilepsy can feel extra daunting.

Join James and Dr Kaitlyn as they talk through some of the right conversations to have at work.

Episode 5: Drive to Drive

The drive to drive is strong, but the reality is driving with epilepsy often presents a huge challenge.

James and Dr Kaitlyn talk about getting from A to B as they navigate various transport options along the way.

Episode 6: Get Your Freak On

Well….Talking about sex can be awkward. But it doesn’t have to be.

Join James and Rosie as they talk with Prof Ingrid and Dr Kaitlyn about sexual relationships and contraception.

Episode 7: Let It Go

It can be hard for parents to let go, after-all, they’ve carried us up to this point.

Join Rosie and Prof Ingrid as they share tips on how to build trust with your family so you can take charge of your epilepsy!

Episode 8: You’ve Got This!

Epilepsy is hard. Learning how to deal with it in the long term is important. While it’s not always going to be smooth sailing, focusing on the positives can really help.

To guide you through the chaos, join James, Rosie, Prof Ingrid and Dr Kaitlyn as they share their final thoughts and experiences on how to live well with epilepsy.

Remember – YOU’VE GOT THIS!